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Cherena Morlese

A professional working family woman, who qualifed in therapeutic counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy in 2016. Cherena Morlese has over 10 years experience and qualifications in other fields such as health and social care including children and development. Cherena Morlese is also MBACP registered and insured.


Agencies/care plan and private clients

After life Counselling package:

What you get

Everything you need to have a wonderful time without problems.

  • • Alternative  therapy treatments

  • • Emotional and privacy support

  • • Stages of grief

  • • Family support

  • • First aider

  • • Personalised keepsakes for love ones

  • • Spiritual belief sessions

  • • Therapeutic counselling

  • • Confidentially

  • • Ethics and legal considerations

  • • Therapeutic support

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Long Term therapy

Integrative Counselling 

Integrative Counselling  is a unifying therapy that responds to each individual at the affective, behavioural, cognitive, and physiological levels of functioning in relationships; taking spirituality into account as well.

6-12 sessions

Cognitive behaviour Therapy 

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a type of talking treatment which focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and behaviour, and teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems. It combines cognitive therapy (examining the things you think) and behaviour therapy (examining the things you do). Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is commonly used to treat a wide range of disorders, including phobias, addictions, depression, and anxiety.

Short term 6-8 sessions

Group Therapy Workshop

Psychosocial treatment where a small group of patients meet regularly to talk, interact, and discuss problems with each other and the group leader (therapist). Each session will have a theme/subject.


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Prices vary from £45- £120 per session



“Life can be hard and stressful, but knowing I have a Cherena there to support me every step of the way is assuring. Life doesn't feel scary anymore.”

S Clark



“For many years I've struggled to communicate with people due to my learning disability. Cherena had suported me, to be able to express myself and my emotions through my art work”

D Markson



“Having counselling with Cherena has been a blessing and has brought clarity to a lot of issues in my life.”

C Dawn




Call Cherena: (+44) 07393591181
Email Cherena: holdinghopecounsellor@gmail.com

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